Engage and reward your customers through Fantasy Sports.

3PAK™ is a mobile platform specifically designed to lower the barrier of reaching the 56 million people currently playing fantasy sports. It's already developed and operational, which means you can run promotional contests without any hassle.

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Why Fantasy Sports?

  • Explosive Growth

    The number of people playing fantasy sports has increased 86% since 2013 and is only getting bigger. Partnering with 3PAK™ gets you in front of the engaged audience you want.

  • Fan Engagement

    3PAK™ contests are designed to be fun, social, and convenient. Your interactive marketing campaign adds a social component that keeps users coming back. 9 out of 10 people who want to play 3PAK™ would recommend 3PAK™ to their family and friends.

  • Target Your Audience

    56 million sports fans play fantasy sports in North America. The average fantasy sports player is 37, and the majority has a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree.

  • Why partner with 3PAK?

  • Customers want you

    In a recent survey of 600 casual sports fans and fantasy sports players, 85% said they were “overwhelmingly interested” in playing 3PAK™ contests sponsored by restaurant chains.

  • 100% compliant

    Klein Moynihan Turco, LLP has been with 3PAK™ since day one ensuring that our contests are 100% legal. Corporate 3PAK™ contests have virtually no compliance risk because contests are free to users, and the prizes are corporate products, not cash.

  • Flexible marketing options

    We can host your contest on our 3PAK™ app, or we can license the app to you and re-skin it with your branding. We’ll even run it for you – you don’t have to do a thing behind the scenes.

How does it work?

  • You choose how long to sponsor a contest

    You can sponsor four weeks, the entire season, and anything in between.

  • You choose the prizes

    Have a product you want to showcase during a certain week? No problem. Want to run multiple contests with different prizes and different durations? No problem. Your prizes, your choice.

  • Draft your PAK!

  • Pick 3, Any 3

    3PAK’s appeal is in its simplicity:
    Pick 3 players of any position to create a team. Just stay below the salary cap, and make sure your players are from different teams. NFL contests can last anywhere from 2 weeks to the entire season.

  • Contact Us

    Want to know more? You can contact us at support@3pak.com.

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