Stat Geek Volume 2

Stat Geek – Volume 2


Kickers or Defense?

If you read our first Stat Geek post you will remember we like defenses.  But every week we find ourselves asking whether to go with Kicker or a Defense?  So we looked at some high level stats through Week 7 and this is what we found:

Metrics Kickers Defense
Ave points/game 7.47 7.57
Pts/Salary $625 $595
# of times scored 20 pts & above 4 15
# of times scored 15 pts & above 26 28
# of times scored 10 pts & above 77 56

In short, while it might cost you a little more money, if you’re looking for consistency you pick a kicker; but if you’re looking to score big then take a chance on a defense.